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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dcl.vg.to? How do I use it?
We are a Free Image Hosting Provider. After you have signed up click "Upload images" from the menu and upload a photo from your computer. We'll store your image on our server and provide a URL you can access it at. From this url you may download your image.

How much does it cost?
This website is 100% free!

Which image file formats are accepted?
GIF, JPG and PNG images and photos can be hosted at dcl.vg.to

What kinds of pictures will you host for me?
Dcl.vg.to will host any legal image, except for adult-rated images.

Is direct linking allowed?
No, while direct linking is a good feature we are currently not able to provide this. The reason is because we accept very huge image files, up to 9 MB, and allowing direct linking would result in very huge server resources, which we can not afford. No "hotlinking" is therefore allowed.

Do I need to create an account to upload images?
Yes, it's a simple process to do, simply go to our "Register" page and sign up.

How long will you store my images?
Barring any unforeseen event, images uploaded to dcl.vg.to will be kept "forever".

What is the max filesize limit?
The maximum filesize is 9MB.

What can I do to help?
Link to us from your webpage or profile, and let other people know about our site!

Please read the Terms and Conditions before uploading any photos or using this website.